Step back into yourself,
embrace your power,
and rediscover your purpose at a new level.

Work with Michelle

Rediscover Yourself
on a New Level

Take your power and turn it inward.

Michelle grants you permission to love and accept yourself fully. She encourages you (in a “no BS” kind-of-manner) to take all the richness that you so willingly give to others and bring it back into yourself. This profound shift pulls you back into your own strength in a way that makes you feel ten times stronger.

Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose

Trust your knowing and your power.

What does it look like as a woman to accept yourself fully and allow yourself the freedom to become who YOU want to be? Embrace that new season of life and let the shift guide you to redefine yourself.

Who are You at Your Core?

You’re at a place where you’re facing a change and ready to rediscover yourself again. This comes with an opportunity to discover who you truly are now that you’re ready to make the time and space to do so. Your commitment to this opportunity will completely re-shift your life.

The things we’ll work towards…

  • Integrating wholeness
  • Engaged relationships
  • Purpose and direction

You have to discover this for yourself. The key areas we focus on in order to do that are featured below.

Your Connection & Purpose

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Physical Vehicle

The physical body is the support vehicle for your connection and purpose. Learn how to easily care for it in a way that supports you towards the next level.

More on Physical Vehicle


Spiritual connection and connection to others are key in order to fully live out who you truly are.

More on Connection


Once your body and connection are aligned, you’ll be able to live out your purpose!

More on Purpose

How does one begin a journey they don’t even know how to take? Begin with trust.
Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust that you will be shown the way.

Michelle Rose Markquart

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Meet Michelle

Michelle Rose Markquart is an intuitive personal coach, speaker, and spiritual gangster. Her ability to share her own story, show up as her authentic self, and follow her strong intuition while teaching others to do the same makes her a success in the personal growth space.

More About Michelle

Michelle’s speaking style sets her apart from the rest. Her ability to connect with her audience in an authentic and inspiring way, with a hint of spiritual gangster thrown into the mix. Michelle inspires, encourages, and ignites action into her audience.

Embrace your present self, own your power, and declare your shift towards growth. Even in the heaviness of hard things, there’s freedom. Michelle walks you through this perspective and opens your eyes to the power behind the options available to you.

  • Michelle brings an authenticity to her work that allows her to reach all manner of those who struggle with finding their way through their personal struggles. She draws upon personal experience as well as various life disciplines in order to guide people towards finding their own unique path of healing. Her relationship style is non-judgmental, compassionate, inclusive, and client-focused. Her desire to help someone else succeed in all they do is never fabricated. Working with her has been not only a joy but has been motivating me to strive to be the best woman I can be.
    Rachael Horne
  • The first time I ever met Michelle the vibe I got from her was incredible and uplifting. Her energy was radiant and without hesitation, I told myself “ I need this woman in my life!” I’ve never met someone so inspiring, and to this day she is a huge part of my life and my recovery journey. She is beyond passionate about helping and uplifting others. She has helped me personally see my self-worth and helped me realize that I, in fact, am enough. In the time Michelle has been coaching me and helping me with life and its challenges and my recovery, she has completely lifted my spirit and confidence. She has completely changed my life.
    Brandi Antoniewicz
  • I recently attended a local meeting and had the opportunity to hear Michelle speak. After working through and listening to her, I realized I had given up on a dream for my family. I felt it was not within my reach in the time frame I wanted, she helped me realize that I could change my mindset and not limit myself. The kids and I are now taking baby steps to make our trip happen, it’s still a few years away, but it’s a possibility!
    Hartman Schwartz
  • Within my first few interactions with Michelle Markquart, I was truly inspired to discover WHY I had resorted to drugs in the past. I had never been genuinely excited to confront my own traumas before meeting Michelle. I believed her when she said, “Things are about to get really awesome”. I was soon to meet a lovely group of strong women who also felt genuinely excited about confronting their own traumas. I had never known that change could taste so sweet.
  • Michelle has a heart of gold with the best intentions for everyone. In our short time together, she put 100% of her energy into getting to know me and embracing our growing relationship. She has a presence that is empowering and contagious to everyone around her. She’s so personable, it’s impossible not to feel comfortable around her.
    Hannah Koschak